Problem with commodity contract execution?
About to conclude a commodity trade contract and need it polished?
Need a GAFTA or FOSFA arbitrator?
Contractual counter party about to default on you?
Contractual counter party defaulted on you? What now?
Need to evalute your chances to win a trading dispute?
Not sure how to defend against arbitration proceedings?
Currently involved in GAFTA or FOSFA proceedings and need assistance?
Need independent expert opinion regarding a dispute issue?
Contractual counter party has not paid you? Not sure what to do?
About to charter a vessel and need assistance?
Need assistance going into arbitration, legal proceedings or litigation?
Lost the first tier of GAFTA or FOSFA arbitration?
Need mediation with counter party gone silent?
Need a trade representative to defend your case in Gafta proceedings?
Contractual counter party behaving strangely? Need to act but not sure how?

How we can assist you

  • You are about to conclude a commodity trade contract and would like to have it polished?

  • You have a problem in commodity contract execution and need independent opinion?

  • Your contractual counter party is clearly going to default on you. You need to act and want to be sure you do not make any mistake?

  • You are in dispute with your counter party and have exhausted all reasonable arguments. The communication has stopped and you need a mediation.

  • Your contractual counter party has defaulted on you. You have put them in default. What next?

  • You need independent expert opinion about some technical or logistic issue related to your dispute and legal proceedings.

  • You need to appoint a GAFTA or FOSFA arbitrator?

  • You need an experienced Trade Representative for your GAFTA, FOSFA or other proceedings?

  • You need an experienced GAFTA or FOSFA arbitrator to run or assist you in running arbitration proceedings?

  • You need an independent opinion on a technical situation at certain port of loading or discharge?

  • You have some other problems but you are not sure how to define or tackle them?

  • Contact us, we can assist.

Our expertise covers operational risk, prevention and dispute management. Contact us to discuss it.

Dragomir "Dragan" Perc regularly assists clients in operational risk management as well as prevention and management of disputes under GAFTA, FOSFA and other legal frameworks.

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